How to Unleash the Horror

A donation will be made to Roswell Park for every sale in February

We are asking for press and fans a like to join us as we “Unleash the Horror”! We are offering several incentives, including affiliate commissions for your help unleashing the horror.

In February The Perfect House will make it’s long over due release. The film will roll out over the month on VOD across major platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, VUDU, BigStar and many more. We are using “Unleash The Horror” (#unleashthehorror) as our call to action for a month long campaign to raise money for the Roswell Park Cancer Institution.
Unleash The Horror - The Perfect House

To celebrate the release and hopefully shine a little positive light on the horror genre in general, we are donating 10% of every transaction in February to the Roswell Park Cancer Institution. Distrify has graciously agreed to add a 5% donation for every transaction made through their players.

Roswell Park is one of the top Cancer research and treatment facilities in the world and it also happens to be located in Buffalo, NY. The shooting location and hometown of Kris Hulbert, the creator of The Perfect House. This will be the second year in a row Gratwick Films and The Perfect House have generously donated a portion of their revenue to a charity organization. Gratwick Films is committed to running month long charity campaigns with every film we release.

All you have to do to raise money for charity, and earn commissions for yourself, is spread the awareness of a great horror film! If you have a paypal email address and know how to share a video you can make money!

It’s as simple as clicking the share icon in the upper right corner of the video above. When you do, you will be prompted to enter a paypal email so your 10% commission (from every transaction) can be deposited to you after each transaction. After that you can share the player to any social media network, or gain an embed code to place the video in any websites or blog posts, such as this.

If you don’t have a paypal email, you can still share or embed the trailer anywhere online. If you prefer a traditional affiliate program, you can also sign up for our ad banners to include on your websites.

The distrify player will possess the opportunity to rent, download or purchase the movie, bonus content and merchandise such as customizable DVDs. The bonus content will appeal to horror and non horror fans with content ranging from highlights from Q&A’s, director commentaries, Gratwick Films first film ‘First Timers’, Countdown to Midnight (the day leading up to the Facebook premiere) and available February 5th, the documentary following our 12,000 mile, 35 day, road trip to promote The Perfect House as the first film ever to premiere on Facebook.

The grass roots tour hit the road in August of 2011 in a 1973 RV painted up and traveled across the country hosting guerrilla-style screenings while collecting donations for gas money. The tour ended on September 30, 2011 when we arrived in Buffalo, NY to celebrate the history making release with friends and family.

If you are a blogger or press who would like more detail or access to talent for an article or blog you are working on, please contact us. We also have plenty of banners and graphics we can provide you with to include on your site and drive traffic to your site specific player.